Sing Swee Bee Enterprise Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Sing Swee Bee Group, was established in 1978 with general export as its primary business activity. Throughout the years, the company has grown strategically to encompass supplying of industrial cylindersvalvesrefrigerants, gas and cryogenic related products/equipment as part of its host of business services.

The company fulfils the huge demands on various industrial gas products, specialty and rare gases, supplying them to the gas and energy industry. With the head office located in Singapore, and regional offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and China, Sing Swee Bee Enterprise continue to expand its business presence, serving the needs of industry clients around the region.

Sing Swee Bee Enterprise offers a wide range of Products & Services that includes,
but not limited to:

  • Industrial Gas Cylinders & Valves
  • Refrigerants (R22, R134, R404a, R407c, R410a, R507)
  • Industrial Gases (Medical, Mixed, Purified, Rare, Specialty)
  • HVAC & Accessories
  • Cryogenic & Storage Equipment (ISO Tanks, Storage Tanks, Ambient Vaporiser, etc.)
  • Plants & Generator Systems (Hydrogen Generator, Hydrogen Recovery System, etc.)
  • Turnkey Conversion Solutions (for CNG, LNG, LPG)
  • Fire-Fighting Equipment/Systems
  • Service & Maintenance Equipment

In recognition of high level of product and service standard, as well as the continual improvement of management processes to compete in both local and global market, the company is delighted to achieve the following credential & certifications:

Today, Sing Swee Bee Enterprise Pte Ltd is proud to establish itself as the largest stockist of industrial gas cylinders and valves, and the leading refrigerant supplier in Southeast Asia. The company continues to play a critical role and ensure the sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness of Sing Swee Bee Group by expanding its market presence beyond the Asia region.